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    ISI Services

    From the heart of Europe we operate a business serving the following industries with our know how and highly qualified sourcing capabilities.

Business Strategy and Objective

This Company was founded to increase the reliability and professional handling of bringing Quality products and services to the local and international markets in the shortest timeframe possible.

ISI-Services GmbH provides superior solutions through the vision of its Managing Director. The Director has over 20 years of experience in the electronic component industry and was successful in assisting her former Employer/Partner in achieving the DIN EN ISO 9001:2000 certified partner.

Monika Irven: "I‘ve always been committed to providing the highest level of services and the right product at economical prices to our customers. They know that we will deliver our best in an honest, professional and timely fashion. Our business Ethics care about the success of your business so let us help you achieve the best results your company deserves."

ISI-Services Managing Director Monika Irven



Our people keep their promisses.

"We will provide only quality services and products.  If we cannot locate a product that meets our acceptable levels of quality or that is not at a reasonable price, we will not waste your time or our time in providing the inadequate product.  We will strive to communicate with our customers at the highest level and provide alternative solutions when possible."

Business Ethics


ISI-Services expects all its employees to uphold the highest standards of behaviour and integrity at all times. We believe that ethical and economic values are interdependent and that the business community must always strive to operate within the accepted norms established by national and international authorities.



Our Mission is to continue to grow in the electronic component industry in the European market as well as to expand our global exposure in other countries and to continue to provide existing and emerging products in other industries as they become available in a reliable, timely and economical manner.